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[12M15M][MAY2012] Updates and meeting in 2 hours (please join)

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    Iniciado por T_indignadx

    Dear comrades,
    This is a message to all committees of communication of Occupy/Occupii

    As part of the Wgroup of Facilitation of international meetings for action
    planning in May 2012 and at the same time as a member of the Action
    Alternatives and Solutions, I would like to share 4 info points:
    1) The next general meeting related to this subject will be held on
    Saturday March 17th at 19:00 UTC on the DRY's mumble

    Please access the minutes of the last meeting that took place last night
    through this link:

    2) All proposals presented so far by the assemblies have been ordered in a
    schematic and are available here : http://titanpad.com/proposalfor12and15May

    NOTE: This pad will become a cute graveyard of excellent proposals if we
    neglect our responsibility to study them in our assemblies, that is the job
    of each one (as I understand it, and sorry if this sounded rough).

    3) Within this pad there are six or seven simple proposals to carry out in
    the three ****star days*** of the month of May. Last night he shared these
    proposals and agreed to the spread, it is understood that it is
    responsibility of each person to carry out the task, and I am doing my part!

    - Return to camp in the squares the 12M or 15M
    - Flashmob: standing still (or sitting down) quietly for about 3 mins. in
    squares or public places - in shopping centers, areas of bars, arenas,
    football stadiums and others but without obstructing the traffic.
    -In contrast: Blockades: Public transport means and roads as a measure of
    pressure, stopping normal traffic
    -Alternative to the demonstration 12M Global: reappropriation of public
    - Actions of civil disobedience: do not pay the meter, not paying at the
    supermarkets, not pay for water, gas or light, which is compatible with
    civil disobedience actions in the internet.
    - Send mass emails / tweets individually with a single short sentence to a
    global target
    - "Action MEMORY" To produce a documentary or other summaries (pamphlets,
    posters, collage) Recalling the achievements so far achieved by each
    assembly> region> country

    This list is not an imposition, but only suggestions. They are proposals
    that came out of assemblies and now return to them as queries to
    satisfy transparency and horizontality. Tonight we hold a meeting (details
    below) where we can answer questions and receive comments / contributions. An
    example of how they are working in Madrid:

    The working groups that discuss these proposals are:

    FACILITATION - mail: dinamization12m15m@gmail.com
    Meetings on Wednesdays in the "happy room" room - server occupytalk.org

    COMMUNICATION - mailing list and email:
    Assembly Act G.T. Communication # 12y15M 02/11/2012
    http://titanpad.com/4iKhcrJgOP Meetings on Fridays at 20:30 on the server

    email: actaltmay12@gmail.com meetings every Sunday at 19:00 UTC, in Mumble
    (Server: occupytalk.org + Room: Round Table)
    Assembly Minutes 02/18/12 : http://piratepad.net/DCgEQgP6lA
    facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/216573315106098/

    Please bring/blast this information back to your assemblies and come back
    bringing an answer
    Any doubt especially related to using mumble and servers, direct them to:
    dinamization12m15m@gmail.com we'll be glad to help.

    Thank you!

    Doctora por la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (PhD)
    Máster en Gestión de Sistemas Integrados (IMS - SHEQ)
    Innovadora Social por el Instituto del Banco Mundial (WBI)
    GT Extensión Gijón Toma la
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