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Hub Meeting

Hub Meeting

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Year 2011 was a year that we will never forget, the year in which  a variety of movements in different territories exploded against the debt-economic governance, the suspension and deprivation of our rights through the shock doctrine imposed by financial markets, and the consequent material and existential precariousness of our lives.

Along this cycle of insurrection, from Iceland to the latest upheavals in Russia and Hungary and in these days in Spain, it has become evident the advanced state of decomposition of European political systems and their mechanisms of representation (none represent us!), as well as their subservience to the capitalist command (save the people not the banks!)

Since the first edition of the Hub Meeting in Barcelona we have seen changes of government, new bailouts of the banking system, the increase in violence policies of austerity, and the constitutionalization of neoliberal principles in several European countries which prefer to pay the debt to private than to care the basic needs of citizens.

But we have also seen how our practices and this desire for re-appropriation of our lives and  of the common wealth, has virally spread, infecting millions of people around the world and facilitate the emergence of new movements.

The day of mobilization and action of October 15  was the proof. The first global mobilization 2.0 has shown the power of the masses who want this reappropriation, unafraid to fight for new forms of democratic governance, free from the domination of capitalist command.

Despite the diversity of movements, everyone shares the rejection of the austerity policies as an output from an economic and political crisis. As our greek friends said: "We don't owe, we don't pay, we don't sell!"

But what is more important, we share the desire to re-appropriation of our lives and common wealthy and goods through their management in common, and ultimately the desire for true democracy in the service of the society.

That is why as collective participants in the Hub Meeting's network, we call for a meeting in Milan - from March 30 and April 1st – to all the independent and autonomous movements and networks; we want  go on building, all together,  a new political imagery, as we did in Barcelona.

An imagery, which has to do with the need to re-appropriation of political, economic and social governance, through a democratic radicalism and a new bill of rights - including the right to bankruptcy, the unconditional basic income, free mobility for everyone and no-border restrictions for migrants, freedom and neutrality of the network, free and effective access to goods and common wealth.

It will also be at the same time an open space to build together the imagery of the forms and actions of the global fight coming days: 12 and 15 May, 2012.

While the 12M12 is been thought as a global day of mobilizations and upheaval, the 15M12 is constructed as a day of action against the power relationships between governments, capitalist command and societies in the different territories.

In this sense, the 15M12 wants to implement actions to attack the flows of valorization, precarity, mobility and communication.

For the construction of the meeting is the most open, horizontal and participatory as possible, we have created a working group in n-1: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/1103858/hub-meeting/

* If you are a group concerned to participate, we'd appreciate if you could fill up this form: http://tinyurl.com/764eb3v order to plan the logistics and services required.

For any queries or suggestions you can contact us or twitter @15shm or by mail 15shm@listas.sindominio.net 

See you in Milan, and in the net!

* N-1 short illustration tutorials and links: dokuwiki tutorial n-1

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