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Recently a very terrible OpenSSL bug has been discovered that affects all Internet, the Heart Bleed bug. Fortunately, N-1 has not been affected because it has an older version of OpenSSL. Anyway we recommend that you change your email password and the passwords of the other services you are using.

peer owners

peer owners

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Peer owners are equal shareholders of which partnership is established by a direct contract. This can be used to turn the people's power of consumption to become also power of ownership (e.g. by moving the deposit to banks held by the people to the the banks the own) and/or as a way to get organized which is attractive to the "normal" inhabitants. This way provides a new power of ownership to equal individuals and a litmus papers for the motivation in the partnership, since the contract forbids a single owner. It can make massive number of small owners (able to create a political impact) to have commercial interest in social/ecological causes. for more try the manual

From http://is-with.wikidot.com/what-comcom-is-in-6-points “ComCom”, (standing for Common Company) What is that?

  • 1 Tradability: Based on a contract, any ComComized unit, being one of the 3: Scomcomized, Icomcomized or Dcomcomized, guarantees equality between its peer members being its owners, sitting at its top and owning equal share of it - like shareholders having equal number of its shares.
  • 2 The d: Added together, all the peers own one portion of the unit, as the rest of the unit (if any) is owned by ordinary (non-peer) owners and the ratio of the peers' portion is d (as d*100 is the percentage), where d of Scomcomized unit is only once defined.
  • 3 Peers' autonomy: The number of peers holding it must be agreed independently amongst themselves.
  • 4 Layering: Each peer owner is either a person or a ComComized unit, where each ordinary owner of Scomcom is either a person or a legal body.
  • 5 One position - one owner: Directly or indirectly, holding more than one position in it is forbidden.
  • 6 Recursiveness if the contract: Buyers of any of its shares must agree with all the 17 points establishing any ComComized unit!

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Descripción corta: Becoming more powerful members in organization by making the members be peer (equal) shareholder over the properties/assets of the organization.
Alias del grupo: peer-owners
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    peer owners

    peer owners

    Becoming more powerful members in organization by making the members be peer (equal) shareholder over the properties/assets of the organization.

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