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Take the Square - International

Take the Square - International

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Social Network for Transnational Popular Assemblies/Occupy

Welcome to the international network of the peacefull revolutions



Here we can gather all the links, videos, archives or contacts by countries, in order to put in common our information and knowledge but also to create platforms for international projects (see the subgroups) like the Howto camp, the translators network or international actions.
We use collaborative documents, albums
, and classified threads to debate together

  • Main website: takethesquare.net
    (Look for collaboration)   
    From the 15M, the network of the hacklabs.org in Spain got activated again and from Madrid (hacksol) to Barcelona where there is also admins of the servers of takethesquare. The services available for the movement are webpages, mailing lists, twitters, and soon VoIP (telephony) or the radio.
    The takethesquare page has changed, now is easier to find the info and create an account. If there is any trouble, mail sudo@lists.takethesquare.net or soporte@takethesquare.net, also for administrative requests to the admins (new mailing lists, blogs, etc)

  • Maling-List: lists.takethesquare.net/mailman/listinfo/squares
    It is important to present ourselves and the work we do in our cities when we join the list.
    Let's keep in mind that the list is read by a lot of people, let's write resumed messages and give links or mails to follow-up.
    Let's always make clear where do we write from.
    Let's keep the local discussions on local lists, and don't post information that is not related to our work, otherwise people will end up unsubscribing.
    To receive the messages in a daily resume, you can access your subscribing options.
    More information in the page Mailing list in the sub-group Howto Camp

  • IRC Channel: /join #takethesquare on irc.freenode.net (imageHow to connect securely using SSL)
    Assembly every friday at 19h (spanish hour)

  • Microblogging: #yeswecamp, #takethesquare, #worldrevolution, #globalrevolution

  • Maps: map.squaresdatabase

  • List of Assemblies/Contacts: International Situation  unitethe99.org
  • Live Streaming: occupystream.com
    If you have a stream to add you can click on About OccupyStream (menu item) and submit the stream URL using the form.
  • Global TV: globalrevolution.tv
    People everywhere are recording this moment in all the squares to show how this open community is living and to invite everyone else to enjoy the experience. Independent Media Centers are being formed by swarms of citizen journalists covering the squares and the streets, documenting their fellow citizens being threatened with violence by powers who want to keep on living in a world that only benefits them. By participating in the creation of this new social media network, we are creating a real time narrative of the global conversation about the future of our planet taking place in front of our very eyes.

  • Radio: Radioindignada                                                                                                                       
    The webradio aims to gather materials from different parts of the world to give voice to the different assemblies. The idea is to repeat all the archived material from assemblies, interviews, manifestos and announcements, while having the possibility of making live streams also. The address of the stram is http://giss.tv:8000/indignada.ogg
    It has a group on n-1 too. The radio receives material at acampadaradio@lists.takethesquare.net. You can send even a youtube link if you believe the audio will be good for it, and is also looking for people in the different assemblies that wants to record audio to send to us.

  • Hack group: 15hack@lists.takethesquare.net and occupy-dev
    Platforms for the programers and developpers who want to colaborate to new platforms


This is a call out to all international commissions of the 15M movement
We were born in different cities, we have different names and we decided different obligations. 
On the First Social Forum of the 15M, last 25 of July, commissions of differents cities met in Madrid to know each other and see what can we do together, they reach the conclusion they need some coordination tools.
For this we have started several N-1 groups here: 
For now you can find: 
We invite you to create your own international group if it doesn't exist, send a message if you want some help.
Help to spread this tools and bring to your local groups the possibility and need to link with similar groups in other cities, go to your local Environment/Economy/Migration etc groups and let them know about this projects, encourage them to join and share with their comrades around the world.
And if you are in the International commission (or whatever it is called in your assembly!) join us in the International groups to be able to communicate and organise between us international projects like the meetings or the marches.
Descripción corta: coordination to #takethesquare
Alias del grupo: take-the-square---international
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