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Africa Rise!

Africa Rise!

Administrador: carlos cbr

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List of contacts

- Materials on how to get a nonviolent movement based on civil
disobedience, translation on Howtooccupy.org in french and also in
portuguese for the countries in south africa like zambia, uganda, namibia,
lesotho, cabo verde, bissau guinea... (+arabe if possible)
- Used cell phones (urgent and a lot)
- Chat module and database module for the web site Occupyafrica and
software designer
- All the details about 12M15 in french and portuguese (+arabe if possible)
- How to occupy in french http://www.howtooccupy.org/fr
- For GPG keys with windows download thunderbird + enigmail
You have a wizard (an assistant) on enigmail to create the key, follow it
it's very easy, after this you will read your mail with thunderbird
- For a founding application create an account here https://www.wepay.com/ and put the embed code into your blog
- Change of tactic from the use of violence to non violent action with complete civile disobedience
- Hacking to reveal incriminating informations
And of course the first conference "Occupy Africa: Senegal - What to do Now?"
Fri Feb 24 2012 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET - 1 hour
Fri Mar 9 2012 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET - 1 hour
Call-In Number: +1 (619) 309-1058
Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:
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Africa was the big absent of the 15O Global Day while the lack of democracy is more important in this continent and the financial dictatorship more visible than our countries.

Of course the situation is more complex over there, the basic needs (food, education, health...) are not very reachable everywhere, it become quickly difficult to organize any alternative project when in the same time the war and the corruption doesn't find issues. In this critical chaos, some obscur corporations are exploiting, killing, abusing, manipulating entire populations and robbing their history they made them lose a lot of time culturally and politically to be enough resistant for a real change.

We are definitly not a global movement without an international support to Africa from on part and a local presence from an other so its clearly the time to open the dialogue and start specific works of collaboration before talking about a next Global Day of action.

A lot of cities have contacts with Africa and it could be more usefull for everybody to put them in common and try to connect them, and better if we can listen their expectations about this global movement trying to answer in the better way. Starting with a mailing list and a weekly virtual meeting, we can start to think all together the type of international support which can be needed connecting people in Africa.

Descripción corta: Coordination of African Peaceful revolutions
Alias del grupo: take-the-square---international+africa-rise!