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International Commission of Syntagma Square

International Commission of Syntagma Square

Administrador: niel

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International Info Point of Syntagma Square (project)
Where the people can ask for international informations, but also where the foreigners can be received and informed in their language.
We can also give informations and contacts of foreigner commissions to link projects like the commissions who work for an audit on the debt or for the creation of holistic cooperatives.
From this working space we write international reports to read in the assembly and catch new collaboraters.
To realise this project we have the material but we need one more person talking Greek.
During the winter we can look for a place to instal the international commission office, work in the optimal conditions and receive the people and their propositions.
International Communication
Redaction of international reports in the website amesi-dimokratia at the page "International Information".
Redaction of local reports in takethesquare.net
Coordination of the Walk to Athens
Participation in the organisation of the Walk to Athens, communication, calls, logistic, road/agenda, reception... (We call to the collaboration of a maximum of people and cities in Greece)
Organization of the Global Day 15o
The 15 of october the international network of people assemblies made a call for a global day of actions, they also propose some global actions during all the week before.
From the International Committee we help in the organization, especially for the GlobalAgora.
Organization of the International Meeting against the Financial Dictatorship for the Real Democracy Now
In May 2012, to celebrate the arrival of the Marchs to Athens and the anniversary of the 15M movement, we plan to organize an international meeting down to Akropolis to create a space of reflexion about international common actions, economic alternatives and real democracy concepts. more info
We also publish in:
More info about n-1 (in spanish only) n-1.cc/pg/videolist/watch/40270
Descripción corta: Social network of the International Commission of Syntagma Square
Alias del grupo: take-the-square---international+international-commission-of-syntagma-square